Away Team Followings – Week 10

PROJECT: Away Team Following 2013/14 After Week 10

It interests us at The72 very much to monitor and understand the away followings for the Football League teams and perhaps learn why people don’t attend certain matches, but others have a great turnout. It will be a year long project where we will look at the best and most dedicated followers, and hopefully research the reasons for dips in attendance throughout the season.

As always, any ideas, comments or feedback on this project are welcome.


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We’ve been tracking these since day 1, but now they are more meaningful. We’ve researched the 2012/13 season’s average away attendance for each club, and then compared it to this years showing so far, given a percentage increase, and ranked the growth in the club over the past year. There ARE blanks where we’re trying to find more data, but these are to do with promoted and relegated clubs. This, at the moment, is to look at clubs in the same league that are experiencing a growth or decline in followings.


Championship Away Team Followings


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League One Away Team Followings

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League Two Away Team Followings

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