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About The72

The72 is a dedicated Football League webzine with 3 years championing the FL under our belt. Starting at the beginning of the 2013/14 season, we’ve amassed millions of page views, thousands of followers and become a respected source for over 3.3 million unique FL fans.

Since we started, the Football League has become noticeably bigger, with more news coverage and a great deal more television coverage from Sky Sports. We’re absolutely behind the push to see FL fight it out with the Premier League for exciting football.

The diversity of sites not covering the Premier League has given us some healthy competition since we began, but if you’re looking towards the Football League, it’s The 72 for you.

Whilst we currently have around 30 paid writers onboard, and we are always looking to add to and improve our content, so if you have any ideas that you want to pitch to us, please, get involved.


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