The second tier of english football is often touted as the biggest prize in football, not only do you get to join the premier elite, but you get a bank balance like you have invented a social media app thats been bought Out by facebook.

Traditionally, with the exception of when they thinned out the top flight to twenty teams, there are three spots up for grabs, The title space is obviously the goal, with first runners up being a handy consolation, and then you get the play-off lottery, and statistically it is better to finish 5th or 6th as opposed to 3rd, no one really knows why.

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But how well do you know the players who have found their way through to the promised land? Can you pick them out of a line up? What about the ones who helped their teams up, and then found the exit door? Cruelly robbed of their day in the sun?

Lets see if you can identify these fifteen faces from years gone by?

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Who is this? Promoted in 2000, he now fits kitchens

How did you do?


Good work, thats the trophy (not this one though)


Ah, man… thats a booking