As a Leeds United fan myself, any defeat is hard to take – as they are with any fan or any club. Defeats act as almost an affront to everything that you believe in. Last night was like that.

Pragmatically thinking, defeats exist in any sport and football is not different, they are part-and-parcel of the game and something to be expected over the course of any campaign. Tranches of good form are interspersed with period of less form and the odd defeat thrown in there – for successful teams at least. For others it’s more of a mixed bag affair.

Leeds have suffered defeats this season but last night was worse than a defeat, therefore it was much harder to take. In essence it was a total, abject surrender and one that didn’t sit well with me. No heart, no passion, no anything really and that was the sum of what the near 3,000 Leeds United fans who braved the Beast from the East weather system experienced.

As bad as the weather was that Middlesbrough struggled against to get the game going, it wasn’t as bad as the performance they faced from Leeds United. As worse as anything Leeds United have served up this season, last night’s performance against Boro beat that. It stank the house out.

I’m not the only Leeds fan who thinks that, look at the following reactions from today, the day after the horrible, horrible, horrible night before.

Leeds United fans comment on the Middlesbrough result and performance

Whilst a lot of the fans are rightly critical of the team, and after last night who wouldn’t be, there’s a slight wind of change creeping in about current owner Andrea Radrizzani. It’s a Leeds thing though, when the chips are down…just get critical.

But like I said above, these fans have every right to air their criticisms after what was served up by Leeds United last night. If that was a meal served in a restaurant, you’d have every right to send it back and ask for a refund. Every right.

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