As a big freeze sweeps the United Kingdom under its cold, white blanket, the effects are there for all to see. Businesses understaffed, schools closed and abandoned cars everywhere. yet still things go on.

One of those things that has beaten the weather, when others have failed, is Leeds United’s away game at Middlesbrough. In what one wag called the ‘Shiverside Stadium’, much work had been put in to ensure that this 11th vs 8th fixture got the go-ahead.

The prognosis didn’t look good when the snow swept in, but right from the off it was clear that Boro were determined that it was going to be game-on between the sides. All that hard work of all involved paid off, and the pitch looks as verdant a pitch as any you’d see at the start of the season. However, it wasn’t to everyone’s liking.

In his pre-match build up on BBC Radio Leeds, Adam Pope heavily criticised the decision for the game to go ahead in the freezing temperatures on Teesside. In conversation with fellow presenter Noel Whelan, Pope asked whether the game would have even gone ahead had it not been on Sky Sports, saying the decision to put the game on was “irresponsible.

As the discussion on the merits of putting the game on and beating the weather continued, Popey pointed out that whilst the weather may have settled enough to allow the game to be given the thumbs-up, it was forecast to worsen. Citing the severity of the problems elsewhere with the weather and its effects on people, Popey went on to say that sanctioning the game “flew in the face” of advice being given elsewhere.

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