Perennial top-tier side Arsenal, a side who have never been out of the top division since 1919, lost the Carabao Cup Final 3-0 at Wembley to a very good Manchester City side.

Since then it’s been a case of Gunners fans giving it the sad tale across social media about how hard done to their side were, with even star player Jack Wilshire looking to discredit the Citizens performance with poked digs at two of their goals and the lack of a second yellow card on his Instagram account.

Across on Arsenal TV it’s also been proper tasty with fans all too ready to get on the critical horse and ride that in to town. Fans such as the following (video – below), are typical of the outpouring of disappointment from disgruntled fans of the North London side.

A what got no service?



Whilst ‘a boomerang’ might not have gotten any service, at least he’ll be back. However, there’s one fan that’s not willing to sit there listening to Arsenal fans giving it some with their ‘woe betide us’ approach. That fan is Doncaster Rovers aligned Twitter account popularSTAND fanzine (@vivarovers) who provides a more than cutting response to the fauxtrage of disgruntled Gunners.

You want banter? We got it! Doncaster Rovers 1997/98 – a batsh*t mental club

This is the thread itself, and I don’t care what your particular affiliation is to which Football League side, and it is a thread that definitely deserves more than a cursory glance. Here it is (below) in all its glory:

Honestly, read the original thread before looking at the following comments from those who’ve already read through, and enjoyed, a ‘win Twitter’ thread.

Responses to a touch of brilliance


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