Oldham Athletic boss Richie Wellens wants his club to follow in the footsteps of local rivals Rochdale by putting down a new pitch at Boundary Park.

Over the past few seasons Oldham’s pitch has regularly deteriorated during the final months of the season, which has had an effect on the sides performance and Wellens hopes that the club can lay a new pitch in the summer to try and prevent that from happening as he told MEN Sport.

“I’d love a new pitch in the summer. I don’t get it when teams are prepared to pay hundreds of thousands on players in terms of salaries, but not prepared to spend hundreds of thousands on a pitch when you have all of the players to play on it”

“When you’re playing on a good surface and the ball is passed to you, you’re able to look around at who’s near you because you can trust the ball to roll to you, but on a bad pitch you’re having to constantly watch the ball come into your foot.”

“By the time you’ve done that somebody might be on you and then you’ve lost possession, small things like that makes a massive difference.”

“I’m glad that Rochdale have re-laid their pitch as it was like a lottery when you played on that pitch beforehand. The bounce of the ball wasn’t true, I watched their last game on that pitch against Millwall and one time the ball hit a decent area of sand and it bounced high, and then the next time it wasn’t even bouncing.”

Wellens also believes that the teams at the top of the division all have quality training facilities available to them helping them achieve their potential.

“It’s no coincidence that Shrewsbury, Wigan and Blackburn are at the top of the table as they’ve got brilliant training grounds,” he said.

“We’ve had some days where we just have to tick over in the gym because we can’t train on any pitches, but we trained at Wigan’s training ground recently and it was great as they had under-soil heating.”

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