Nottingham Forest’s recent signing of free agent Greek goalkeeper Stefanos Kapino after his release by Olympiacos has been subject to scrutiny by Greek source

In a report put forward by them, they say that the manner of how this move came about leads to not only raised eyebrows, but also raises “many unanswered questions.” The chief driving force behind these ‘unanswered questions’ seems to be the manner in which Kapino’s ‘transfer’ was carried out.

SNDA say that “it is striking” that Kapino was allowed to leave Olympiacos after the Greek side severed his contract, so freeing him up to join Forest. Calling this a “very generous move“, bearing in mind his near £2 million move from Mainz in 2015, SNDA say that “it is striking that an active international goalkeeper could not find a team.”

They add to this that his move came despite him not being able to find a team despite the fact that he was looking to move for three months. One thing that they focus on, when questioning the manner of the transfer, is the fact that Olympiacos and Nottingham Forest are owned by the same person – Vangelis Marinakis.

SDNA mention that is appears strange, to them, that Kapino can be released from his Olympiacos contract due to a disciplinary issue, then find himself taken on by Forest with his issues suddenly resolved enough for the joint owner of both clubs to find his signing acceptable. It is something that they term a “very handy scenario.”

Kapino, whose contract was terminated by Olympiacos on transfer deadline day, January 31, signed for the Reds on February 8 – the former Greek #1 being at the club nearly a week now. In total this season, for Olympiacos, he has made 14 appearances (including four in Champions League Qualification and one in the Champions League proper) and has conceded 14 goals.

He joins four other keepers at Forest as the Reds look to turn their season around and put in a run up the table.

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