Accrington Stanley’s Billy Kee has spoken about nearly quitting football due to his struggle with severe anxiety and depression to BBC Sport.

In a brave interview with the BBC’s Juliette Grace, the Accrington Stanley forward Billy Kee admits he was ready to quit football, and came close to ending his own life.

During the interview Billy said “I was rocking on the bed crying, and I wasn’t enjoying it. I wanted to quit,”

“I was low at the time and you start thinking: ‘Will I just drive my car into a wall?’. I thought, that’s it, that’s me done.

“Why is someone with the best job in the world going to kill themselves? It doesn’t make sense.” the 27-year-old said.

Accrington manager John Coleman told the BBC: “Until you’ve been depressed, you can’t tell people who haven’t been depressed, what it’s like. You can try and describe it but, it doesn’t make any sense really in your own head.”

Kee – who has been capped at Under 19 and 21 level with Northern Ireland – also admits that he came close to ending his own life he claimed “If it wasn’t for my wife and kid, I probably wouldn’t be here,”

Billy Kee paid tribute to chairman Andy Holt and management duo John Coleman and Jimmy Bell for their support. “I am lucky to have the support of this club and the fans who have supported me through these times,”

“Holty has given me the time off and not pushed me on to the pitch, as have John and Jimmy. “To have the support to step away and realise how lucky I am to be playing football is amazing.

“Sometimes you wake up now feeling the same as you did but you have to realise what you do and how lucky you are.” said Kee.

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