The odds for the outright Premier League winner 2014/15 are readily available for punters to gamble on, with Chelsea the bookies early favourites (7/4). Burnley, as expected are being portrayed as the top flights whipping boys with odds stretching to 10,000/1 for them to lift the title. In contrast, the Championship’s favourites, Cardiff are priced at 7/1. The furthest back, Blackpool at 150/1. Although being unfancied, Blackpool’s 150/1 price tag is considerably shorter odds than what the bookies price the Clarets at to win their respected division. So why is this?

The idea that the Championship has all of a sudden changed to become so hard to call isn’t entirely accurate. In fact it’s been consistently competitive over a number of years. An obvious reason for this would be the increased amount of money now associated with the game. The Premier League big boys receive income from a variety of different sources, such as, international pre-season tours, Champions League prize money and TV courage, Europa League prize money and TV courage and merchandise sales all across the globe. Whereas the bottom half  don’t have all these assets available. Converse to this, Championship sides all receive an equal amount of television courage through live matches on sky and also the football league show on BBC 1. The wealth is more evenly distributed across all members of the division and the gulf in funds is far smaller between all clubs.

Through the analysis of betting odds, it is clear bookmakers see the Championship as a far more unpredictable and competitive league than the Premier League. The notion that ‘anyone can beat anyone’ certainly fits the makeup and criteria of the Sky Bet Championship. There is no easy games in football, this never truer than in the Championship. A bundle of excitement, passion, determination and unpredictability. It comes as no surprise that the league is ranked as the Fourth highest viewed across the globe. All despite being a 2nd tier division.


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