Brentford chief executive Mark Devlin has told Get West London that he hopes that they would be allowed to keep their terracing at Griffin Park should the club get promoted to the Premier League.

One of the unique features of Brentford’s home stadium Griffin Park, other than the fact it has a pub in each corner of the ground, is that it still has terracing which very few grounds in the Sky Bet Championship have. This because while teams in Sky Bet League One and below are allowed standing areas, Championship and up does not. They do however allow any promoted team three years to change any terraced area into seating.

Brentford however have been allowed dispensation to keep their terraces for longer than that because they are trying to move to a new stadium on Lionel Road. But with the team currently doing well in the Championship and just a few points off the play-offs, there is now a concern that should they get promoted the Premier League may force them to change their terracing to seating. Their chief executive Mr Devlin has said though that they hope they will be able to keep their terracing should they be promoted.

He said: “My preference, as it is within the EFL, would be to retain terracing as it’d give us the type of capacity we’d need.”

“If we were forced to put seating in we’d reduce our capacity. We’d hope to work with the Premier League that a fully compliant Premier League stadium is around the corner that common sense would prevail. We’d see what we could work with on a temporary basis.”

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