When Garry Monk walked away from Leeds United in the summer, fans of the Whites were not happy. Many terms were bandied around, chief amongst those was one word – Judas.

Football fans of any club are often the most parochial of thinkers that you can expect to find, blinkered as they are by an unconditional love for their team. Any act against one’s team is seen as a betrayal most heinous – and is quickly felt by the offended side.

Monk’s departure from Elland Road ranks in that category quite easily. It was a departure quite unexpected, what with Monk having led Leeds United for a complete season and to a more-than-respectable finishing position of seventh in the league.

Monk, for his part, said that his vision and that of the club were not aligned so he declined the offer of an extension to his year-long contract. Mere weeks later he was installed as the manager of newly relegated Middlesbrough, much to the chagrin of Leeds United fans who feel that Monk is a traitor – the footballing version of the Biblical Judas.

However, in an article from today’s Gazette Live, reporter Philip Tallentire says that this hate is not justified. In the article, a Monk-led Middlesbrough return to Elland Road on Sunday with reporter Tallentire saying that any hate directed at Monk by vitriolic Leeds United fans is, in his words, “nonsense.”

Tallentire cites a Telegraph article written by James Ducker on May 23 where Ducker says, “Monk wants and expects a longer-term deal,” rather than the one-year extension said to have been offered him.

After going through the official announcement from Leeds United, and stating a timeline of events, Tallentire closes his article with a very robust doublet of “Monk left Leeds because he didn’t get the assurances he was looking for” and “that’s really all there is to it.”

Not that this ebullience matters one jot to Leeds United fans – Monk will still be the Judas to their minds.

Leeds United fans comment and react to impending return of pariah Monk to Elland Road


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