Former Sheffield Wednesday player Nigel Pearson said that the UK’s decision to leave Europe left him “bl***y annoyed”, according to the Sheffield Telegraph.

Pearson became an Owls legend as he lifted the League Cup at Wembley with the Yorkshire side in 1991, but the former Leicester manager has since revealed how he voted to Remain in last year’s referendum.

Nowadays Pearson is managing in Belgium with OH-Leuven and with an interview with The Telegraph he made his opinions on Brexit very clear.

“I don’t agree with it and I think it’s a travesty, personally. I won’t tell you how I vote at home but I was definitely a ‘remain,'” he told The Telegraph.

“It’s alright for the Scots and the Welsh to say that they’re Scots and Welsh, but I’m an Englishman and I see myself as being European. I was bl***dy annoyed if I’m honest.”

On the other hand, former England boss Sam Allardyce voted for Brexit, according to the Sun.

The former Three Lions manager admitted his voting stance soon after being given the England job.

”I am out.” he said. “My feeling is that the European Union isn’t doing the United Kingdom any favours.”

A source close to Big Sam also revealed the experienced manager’s stance towards the current political scene in Great Britain.

“Sam is very open and honest and he went around the room asking everybody if they were Leave or Remain.

“He is Old School, though that is not to say that he is a dinosaur, always looking back to a so-called golden past.

“Sam is a passionate Englishman and had obviously weighed everything up before making his decision.

The joke going around afterwards was that it was fortunate that Sunderland would never play in Europe.

“Now he’s England manager that will change”

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