Aston Villa boss Steve Bruce is willing to undergo tests for the signs of dementia, according to the Daily Sun.

Alan Shearer’s recent documentary about the effects of heading, which has been proved to lead to dementia, has led to a number of former stars questioning their current health.

And the current Aston Villa boss has admitted that he should allow doctors to check him for signs of dementia.

The 56-year-old made 926 appearances as a player, featuring for Manchester United, Gillingham and Birmingham over a career that spanned two decades.

Bruce, a former centre-half, was renowned for his bravery in both boxes as he received seveal head injuries as a player.

“Luckily I never had to head one of the old, heavy balls.” Bruce said. “But I was always getting head wounds. And when I think about it I reckon I should get myself checked out.

“There is a point to be proved over this issue because while we as managers get checked out for stuff like blood pressure or heart rate there are no checks for dementia.

“I feel just fine but we all have to take the issue seriously.

“When I was playing, head injuries seemed to happen every week — but you just got on with it.”

Former England international Shearer underwent a number of scans and tests in order to find out how heading can affect the brain and skull. His discoveries are set to be aired on Sunday in his BBC documentary ‘Dementia, Football and Me’


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