Birmingham City head coach Steve Cotterill has told the Birmingham Mail that he plans to discover why so many of his players have gone down with hamstring injuries.

It is fairly standard for a team to suffer an injury crisis at some point with several players going down with some issue that sees them being ruled out for some amount of time. However it is much odder to see several players from one team go down with the same injury in such a small period of time. But that is exactly what is happening to Birmingham.

Five of their players this season have been ruled out with hamstring injuries with Maxime Colin most recently being stretchered off in his homecoming match against Brentford due to this problem. Che Adams, Isaac Vassell, Jota and Jason Lowe have also suffered from hamstring injuries this season. And with so many of his players suffering from the same problem, Cotterill is planning to find out why so many of his players have had hamstring injuries.

He said: “It’s amazing what’s happened here in the short space of time with the amount of hamstrings. You can have an odd couple but I am amazed by what has happened,”

“It’s something we need to look into going forward. Unbelievable really.”

“I may have an idea on something but it is not something I would like to share if I am totally honest.”

“I think what goes on in the dressing room and at the football club should stay there.”

“I think picking one up last night, being here now three-to-four weeks, maybe there is something but I won’t know the outcome of that until I deal with it.”

“That might take another month or two for us to not get any hamstrings then for me to have an idea what it was.”

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