Whenever you sit down to write something like a ‘Top 5’ article then you know one thing is guaranteed, namely that someone somewhere will disagree with what you say.

Normally, not always though, an element that is pushed to the fore in such disagreements tends to be linked to loyalty for one’s side – that is entirely understandable. You can also lump in there people who will disagree with what you are measuring ‘attack’ by.

I can’t do anything about the former ‘supporter loyalty’, but I am going to set my stall out by using the following as me headline figure for the top 5 attacking sides – the number of goals they have scored so far this season.

I’ll not just leave it at that though, I’ll also have a little peek under that headline figure and draw out some other points. Who knows, some of these points may come in useful in a pub argument.

First up is a side that has spent big to take up top spot on this criteria.

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