In an interview with the BBC, talking about this season’s success, Bristol City boss Lee Johnson has revealed it’s not always been easy as he received death threats during the 2016/17 campaign during which Bristol City were dragged into a relegation fight.

The 36-year-old has nothing but praise for his players saying, “I’m delighted with the start (to the season) but it’s still early days so you’ve got to remember that”. Despite this season’s great start he still has some critics questioning whether he’s the right man for the job following last seasons poor showing. But when the interviewer mentioned last season Lee Johnson responded with, “You have to come out better, sometimes you have to use the bricks that are thrown at you as a foundation and platform to move forward and go on.”

When asked about the fans support, which has been a bit hit and miss ever since he signed as manager, Johnson responded with “I said (to the fans) when we turn it around give us the support that you give us and they have done”. He also went on to say “I think the respect is mutual at the moment between the coaching staff and the fans and, obviously, the players”.

Johnson’s time at Bristol City has been very tough on not just him but also his family. He revealed his families home address was put online so they “had to move” and also there was a “death threat in there” because Matty Taylor moved from Bristol Rovers. “That’s life though”, he said. “Everyone has things to deal with in life”.

The interview ended with Johnson being asked about his sides Premier League dream. The Englishman said, “We’re not going to deny ourselves the opportunity to realise this dream”. “Footballs crazy and you’ve just got to keep going and be in it to win it”.

You can watch the whole interview by clicking here.



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