There are a lot of players in the Championship who do not get the credit they deserve. Week in, week out they put in 100% displays but perhaps don’t get the recognition they should do. Here’s my list of the top five most underrated players in the division.

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  1. Have you actually done any research on Liam trotter? Probably as far from a midfield hard man as you can get. He is lazy and disinterested which is a view shared by both Millwall and Bolton fans. Whoever he signs for is welcome to him

  2. You are joking aren't you? All action? Have you seen this fella play or just going on heresay? A waste of an obvious talent, but not underrated. He just doesn't want it enough.

  3. Strange comments on Liam Trotter. As posted below, he is the one of the softest competitors in the division. He makes Bobby Bowry look like Rambo. He can knock it about when he's in the mood (once every 6 games or so), and is capable of scoring a few goals here and there. But you can have all the ability you like, if you haven't got any bottle or any fight then the potential is wasted.

  4. Stephen Paul Pickering on

    Partnered for most of the season by the liability that is Jake Buxton,

    This is just a bit off buddy. Jake Buxton is a lot better than Keogh, no Derby fan would say different.

    Buxton is a liability? If anything he has been the most consistent performer in the Derby team. Bryson, Martin and Buxton have been by far and away our three best players this season.

    It's a common misconception, so nothing to worry about.

  5. Haha you should be sacked from your job mate. Comparing trotter to yaya toure. Ha. The geezer is scared of his own shadow. Get another job as your shit at this.

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