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Saturday 1st March

QPR Leeds United

Last meeting: @ Leeds – 0-1 QPR win

QPR’s six game form: W-W-D-L-L-L

Leeds’ six game form: D-L-L-W-L-D

Head-to-head record:15H 13D 19A

Interesting stats: 31% – Leeds United have the best crossing success rate in the Championship.

Bolton Blackburn

Last meeting: @ Blackburn – 4-1 Blackburn win

Bolton’s six game form: L-L-D-L-D-W

Blackburn’s six game form: L-D-D-W-D-W

Head-to-head record:61H 33D 55A

Interesting stats: Jordan Rhodes netted twice in this last fixture. Could he do it again?

Bournemouth Doncaster

Last meeting: @ Doncaster – 0-1 Bournemouth win

Bournemouth’s six game form: D-W-L-D-D-L

Doncaster’s six game form: D-W-D-L-D-L

Head-to-head record:13H 11D 13A

Interesting stats: 38% – Doncaster Rovers have conceded a higher % of goals in the last 15 minutes of games than any other team in the Championship.

Burnley Derby

Last meeting: @ Derby – 0-3 Burnley win

Burnleys’ six game form: D-D-W-W-D-D

Derby’s six game form: D-W-D-W-W-W

Head-to-head record: 35H 19D 39A

Interesting stats: 18% – Derby County have the best chance conversion of any team in this season’s Championship.

Huddersfield v Barnsley

Last meeting: @ Barnsley – 2-1 Barnsley win

Barnsley’s six game form: D-L-D-D-L-W

Huddersfield’s six game form: L-L-W-L-W-L

Head-to-head record: 27H 12D 22A

Interesting stats: 19% – Huddersfield Town have the lowest crossing success rate in the Championship.

Ipswich v Birmingham

Last meeting: @ Birmingham – 1-1 draw

Ipswich’s six game form: W-D-W-D-D-L

Birmingham’s six game form: L-D-W-L-L-W

Head-to-head record: 29H 13D 21A

Interesting stats: 25 – Ipswich Town have dropped more points from winning positions than any other side in the Championship.

Leicester v Charlton

Last meeting: @ Chalrton – 2-1 Charlton win

Leicester’s six game form: W-W-W-D-D-W

Charlton’s six game form: D-L-L-L-L-W

Head-to-head record: 15H 8D 22A

Interesting Stats: 13 – Leicester City have won the most penalties in the Championship this season.

Millwall v Brighton

Last meeting: @ Brighton – 1-1 draw

Millwall’s six game form: D-L-L-D-D-L

Brighton’s six game form: L-D-L-W-W-L

Head-to-head record: 32H 20D 33A

Interesting Stat: 2 – Millwall have scored the fewest headed goals in the Championship this season.

Nottingham Forest v Wigan

Last meeting: @ Wigan – 2-1 Wigan

Forest’s six game form: W-W-D-W-D-L

Wigan’s six game form: D-W-L-W-W-W

Head-to-head record: 1H 3D 1A

Interesting Stat: 15 – Nottingham Forest have scored the most headed goals in the Championship this season.

Reading v Yeovil

Last meeting: @ Yeovil – 1-0 Reading

Reading’s six game form: L-W-W-L-W-L

Yeovil’s six game form: L-L-L-D-D-W

Head-to-head record: 1H 0D 0A

Interesting Stat: 1- This is the first time these two sides have ever met at Reading.

Sheffield Wednesday v Middlesbrough

Last meeting: @ Middlesbrough – 1-1 Draw

Wednesday’s six game form: D-W-W-L-L-W

Middlesbrough’s six game form: L-D-D-D-L-D

Head-to-head record: 40H 15D 38A

Interesting Stat: 10 – Middlesbrough have conceded the most penalties in the Championship this season.

Watford v Blackpool

Last meeting : @ Blackpool – 1-0 Blackpool win

Watford’s six game form: W-D-W-W-D-L

Blackpool’s six game form: D-L-L-D-D-L

Head-to-head record: 5H 9D 7A

Interesting Stat: 10 – Blackpool have picked up more red cards than any other team in the Championship this season.

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