Leeds United captain Sol Bamba has revealed just how the players will find out about any decision by Massimo Cellino on the future of Steve Evans, something revealed when speaking to the Yorkshire Post (YP).

In the captain’s comments, Bamba said that the Whites were “all over the place” and revealed that the players are likely to hear of who will be taking the club forward via text message.

It seems that this ‘air of secrecy’ and a ‘smoke and mirrors’ distraction is common place at Elland Road with the players, in essence those who need to know most, as in the dark as the fans. However, being ‘in the dark’ is nothing new to Leeds United fans when it comes to the dealings of the back corridors of the club.

Bamba is outspoken about the need to remove the veil of secrecy that seems to cling to every corner of anything associated with Leeds United, somehting he says needs to be done for the better of all concerned. Starting with a rallying cry that Cellino needs to up his game and “do better for our club and the supporters”, Bamba then went on the tell the YP just why transparency and stability needs to return to the club.

Speaking to the YP, Bamb said: “I think sometimes people think that we just need to get on the pitch and play football but it’s a lot more than that and we need to know. Some people are out of contract or some players have got another year or some other players have got more than that but we don’t know what is going to happen. And let’s be honest, if we know who the manager is, then we can prepare better definitely.

Bamba then continues to arrow it down to an even finer degree and how good preparation can smooth the paths into a new season saying: “Even the medical staff as well, if they know who is coming they can meet with him and prepare for next season because pre-season is the most important thing in the season. If you have a good pre-season then you have got a good chance to have a good season. At the minute, we are all over the place but hopefully that can be fixed very quick.”

That seemingly simple thing, get pre-season right and lay the foundations for the following campaign, is something Leeds United did better under Uwe Rosler than under David Hcokaday in Cellino’s first pre-season in charge. In that pre-season, Leeds travelled out to Italy and faced local side FC Gherdeina, who they beat 16-0 before being forced to play against each other when their second opponents Viitorul Constanta failed to turn up to play.

Bamba is even critical of the way that the players are going to learn of Evans’ fate, almost akin to the most impersonal of break-ups you could imagine. The Leeds United club captain simply says the players will “go on holiday” and then receive “a text” to let them know when to arrive back at the club and who will be in charge of affairs.

From a fan point of view, this is obviously not the right way to treat a manager/head coach who, as Bamba notes “deserves a lot of credit because he has worked under extremely difficult circumstances and he has done very well”, and is another example of getting the simple things wrong and making them ever more difficult.

It’s not hard to treat someone with a little dignity, is it?

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