Of all the signings that arrived at Elland Road this season, it can be argued that Stuart Dallas, a reported £1.4m capture from Brentford, is the most impressive arrival this season.

Leeds United had been crying out for a natural wide player all last season, Dallas was seen as the answer to that deficiency.

Five goals and six assists were the headline figures to a great season that saw him crowned Player’s Player of the Year at the Leeds United awards ceremony last weekend.














Leeds fans certainly appreciated the efforts of the Cookstown-born Northern Ireland international and ever since he has joined the Whites, he has always had a good rapport with the fans, especially so on Twitter where he is well received.

After today’s final game draw against Preseton, Dallas took to Twitter to thank fans with the following two Tweets.

Leeds fans were quick to reply, expressing their gratitude at the efforts that he has shown.

Dr. T puts in a cheeky request for a lift to the Euros – petrol costs to be shared?

Leeds fan Jordan expresses what the majority of Leeds fans think.

Again, another Leeds fan congratulates Dallas and wishes him well for the upcoming Euros.

This Leeds fans thanks the Northern Ireland international and reminds him that it’s always fun at Theme Park Elland Road.

Finally, a further element of praise for Dallas from another Leeds fan that also ends on a hopeful note.

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  1. JustChillOutLUFC on

    Don’t agree with the Twitter fiends but it’s not the first time.

    If he’s been a bright spark, then it’s been a worser season than I had initially imagined. That’s not to say he’s been a Jordan Botaka by any means but let’s face it, he hasn’t pulled up trees either.

    Charlie Taylor is literally the only player who can walk away with any semblance of praise this season as he’s been as consistent as some of the top players in the league, but unfortunately that sort of effort from just one individual isn’t going to inspire great form.

    1 new goalie and use the kid for backup.
    4 new CBs as the 4 we use just are not good enough. Cooper worst of the 4.

    Murphy’s time is up, nice to see a million spent at the time but if I’d known then what I know now, I’d of said don’t bother.

    One creative, dynamic player needed for those moments that inspire and also for those moments when we run out of ideas and seemingly stall in a game.

    3 new strikers who can bag Atleast 15 each, that’s not too much to ask for a super sub at a mid table club, so aiming higher, 15 each is the least we should expect.

    All in all, alot of outs and alot of ins.

    Keep the manager, he’s the diamond in the rough for me this season. If anyone deserved an award it’s Taylor and Evans.

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