Court cases seem to be attracted with magnetic regularity at Elland Road, either for owner Massimo Cellino or caused by him.

Hardly a week goes by without the backlog of cases being thrown up in front of all and sundry and the tarnishing of the Leeds United name being made that little bit darker.

Today was no different as the Yorkshire Evening Post (YEP) announced that the Whites’ legal battle with former kit suppliers Macron had been settled by both parties without the need for a lengthy trial and more bad publicity.

When Cellino decided to dump Macron as kit supplier, before the contract itself had run its due course, the company President said at the time: “Leeds had been one of our flagship clubs in England. Our relationship went back to 2008. We take this very seriously.”

In the very same Independent article, Cellino said that: “We are fighting, with our lawyers, to find out what goes on,” amid rumours that he was disatisfied with the deal and wanted to bring in Kappa who were suppliers to his previous team of Cagliari.

Macron, who insisted that Leeds United had no right to cut ties without paying a severance fee, were said to claim “£2.1m which it said it was owed under the contract and up to another £3.5m damages for future losses,” according to the YEP.

However, in a last-minute deal before the case convened this morning, both sides came to an agreement, thus avoiding the need for contracted proceedings. Mr Justice Hickinbottom was told by both sides of the mutually-reached agreement in a 10 second hearing this morning and informed that both parties wished this agreement to remain confidential.

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