Whilst Leeds United haven’t had the best of seasons, they haven’t really had the worst of seasons neither.

Inconsistent. That’s the word that sums up Leeds United and the 2015/16 Championship season. Inconsistent.

Fan frustration has been building throughout the season, breaking through at times. There’s been the well-documented frustrations that a group of fans have had with Massimo Cellino’s ownership of the club, those fans forming the protest group ‘Time to Go, Massimo.’

There’s also been frustration with both ends of the Leeds team; defenders conceding too many and, conversely, strikers not scoring enough. These frustrations have been brought to the fore, with fans of the Whites being openly critical of the team on both social media and at games.

Head coach Steve Evans has come in for some stick too, his team selection and substitution strategy criticised at times. Individual players have been singled out as well, criticised and lambasted in equal measure; none more so than Giuseppe Bellusci.

Last night, at Leeds United’s annual award ceremony, one fan took the opportunity to speak with Bellusci and put over his point of view on certain matters.


Leeds fan Rob Crowther, who stresses that there is no confrontational element involved with Bellusci, said that he was mentioning a “few home truths” to the Leeds United defender. Standing speaking to Bellusci, Crowther said of Bellusci’s reaction to the questioning was that “he was fine” and that “it was 50/50 if he would be here or not” come the 2016/17 Championship season.


When questioned by another Leeds fan on Twitter asking whether he’d told Bellusci to leave the club, Crowther responded with a tweet that said, “he is not happy here at the moment so I don’t think I really had to say much.”

With inconsistency reigning at Elland Road, with fan engagement being oft-criticised, it is refreshing that one fan had the sense to ask questions of a player in a mature manner and not like the character slaying usually seen on social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

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