Musician, and former lead guitarist and co-lead vocalist in Oasis, Noel Gallagher has had his say on Leeds United and the state the club is in currently under controversial owner Massimo Cellino.

His comments were made in an interview with TV Yorkshire, in which Gallagher also reveals whether he would ever make the decision to buy a football club.

Whilst admitting that he wasn’t sure if Leeds were currently playing their football in the Championship or in League One, Gallagher seemed to be aware of some of the controversy surrounding Leeds in recent years.

Despite Massimo Cellino not having employed any of his pets in key roles at the club yet (Gallagher kids that there is a cat in charge of the youth team), the musician states that the current situation at Leeds is “A shame, because Leeds is one of the great institutions.”

The Manchester City fan then went on to say that he missed traveling to away games at Leeds United as they were always a bit “tasty”.

Reiterating the view of many Leeds fans, Gallagher said that it would be great to see Leeds back in the Premier League, joking that the league doesn’t need teams like Norwich or Burnley.

Finally, when asked if Gallagher would ever consider buying Leeds United, the musician responded with a definite “No”.

“That’d be like putting [his money] into a massive bucket and pouring it down a drain.”

See the interview in full below.


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  1. I’m not sure they all trow buckets of money down the drain a la Man City, but that’s the kind of owner you want.

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