A while back, a Leeds United fan responded to fan group Time To Go, Massimo (TTGM) and a request for questions.

TTGM are a fan-run, fan-funded group with the aim and intention of highlighting the growing list of misdemeanours that Massimo Cellino has perpetrated whilst in control of Leeds United in a mission that the splash says on their website is “determined to rid the club of Massimo Cellino’s toxic ownership.”

Their mission statement makes it very clear the position that TTGM have with the club’s ownership and they have used fan contributions to highlight their cause and concerns at a string of Leeds United home games. The ‘stunts’ that they have done include projections of Cellino’s broken promises onto the awnings of the East Stand at Elland Road, a mock funeral procession to symbolically show a dying club and recently a march on the ground from Leeds city centre.

At the time of writing the original post, the questions posed hadn’t been answered. However, today TTGM responded to the fan’s questions – the replies of which are on the following pages.

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  1. Typical of these TTGM agitators.

    I don’t care what you think about Cellino – this is indeed a phenomenal offer from the club. Have we been offered the likes of this before? No. Has any club’s supporters? No. So it is phenomenal. Perhaps you should look it up in a dictionary. Or perhaps you just choose to ignore its meaning to suit your own negative ends?

    Does it really matter if it’s 19% or 25%? If Cellino gave every Leeds supporter a million quid each, you’d probably complain that he’d used tenners instead of twenties to pay out. Why do you have to find negativity with absolutely everything he does? Scared he might be doing something positive that undermines your campaign? For the record, it’s actually 20.2% in the £445 ticket example quoted by the club. How many ticket prices did you use in your calculations to find the lowest percentage? You’d think it was Cellino that had invented the VAT system to hear your petty gripes.

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