It makes your eyes water, it debilitates you, it temporarily incapacitates you. No, it isn’t watching Leeds United defend – it’s pepper spray.

Pepper spray, or OC spray is used by the police in ‘riot’ situations as its deployment causes the eyes to close, causing temporary blindness and makes control of suspects that much easier.

During half-time in yesterday’s march between Hull City and Leeds United at Hull’s KCom Stadium, pepper spray was apparently deployed by police on one of the stadium concourses as Leeds fans surged in an attempt to break police lines.

The following tweet, with embedded video clip, doesn’t show the actual pepper spray incident, but it does show Hull City fans behind a bolted door banging hard on it to try and get through and at Leeds United fans being contained by a thin line of police and stewards.

This clip comes from a longer video uploaded by Twitter user @leedsaway on his YouTube channel, which shows a concerted surge from Leeds fans but not the alleged deployment of the pepper spray.

Whilst not being an expert in policing measures, the concerted surge by Leeds United fans, coupled with the throwing of certain objects is likely to have led to the feeling that its deployment was necessary. However, Leeds fans that were there and caught up in the incident have taken to Twitter to put forward their views and air their grievances.

Twitter posts on the pepper spray incident.

This Leeds fan indicates just where the incident happened, tying it down to a specific location.

This Leeds United fan says that they have a picture of a fellow White with what looks like pepper spray effects.

Leeds United fan Tommy said that Leeds fans did play a part but the police did deploy the said pepper spray.

Whites fan Lewis definitely wasn’t happy with the treatment that he received.

Whilst this Leeds United fan gave a graphic enough run-down of the effects suffered after contact with the spray.

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