In most sports, when a player from the opposition is injured and prone on the field of play, there is a sense of empathy from all fans, including the opposition.

Allegedly, that wasn’t the case at Hull City’s KCom Stadium yesterday afternoon as Leeds United’s Swiss/Italian defender Gaetano Berardi laid injured.

Berardi went over badly on the same ankle that he injured against Charlton earlier in the season, an injury that led to a lengthy absence from the team for the cultured right-back. Berardi has certainly been in the wars this season for Leeds, what with this injury and two separate injuries to his face courtesy of challenges by Rotherham’s Leon Best and Matt Derbyshire which opened up deep cuts.

However, the larger controversy comes from the fact that there are allegations that a section of the Hull support were somewhat less that empathic with regard to Berardi and his injury. As Phil Hay tweeted about his post-match interview with Steve Evans: “Evans said he didn’t see anything being thrown at Berardi as Berardi was stretchered off.”

This was picked up by other commentators such as the ever-popular Adam Pope, who tweeted the following observation:

The replies to Popey’s Tweet were pretty damning as to the rumours of Berardi’s injury not being treated in a sportsmanlike manner.

This first one centres around an object being throw onto the field of play.

The following two replies focus on the manner in which a selection of Hull fans reacted to the injury, and the Leeds United fan’s feelings about them.

This Twitter user hints at the fact that it wasn’t just one isolated incident either, that objects were thrown at other times during the game too.

The Leeds United fans reactions on Twitter, to what many saw as ‘classless action’ from a minority of Hull City fans, was pretty damning – as it should be. It included the following from Leeds fan James:

and also this from Richard that points out the perfect retort from Leeds fans.

What do you think about objects thrown onto the field of play?

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  1. How would the evil cretins feel if their beloved Tigers were deducted points at the end of the season? Can you imagine The FA letting LUFC get away with that … even if it was proven that the item was thrown by a visiting fan? Totally disgusting … up to now I would have preferred to see them win promotion rather than some of the others in contention, another Yorkshire club and all that … now, I hope we see them again next season.

  2. John Rodgers on

    I saw the bottle, it came from the Leeds Utd fans. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

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