Their protests against Massimo Cellino’s ownership and manner of running of Leeds United have garnered headlines both at home and abroad.

Hugely symbolic, yet strikingly poignant, mock funerals, a city-to-ground march and broken promises projected onto stand awnings have opened many eyes to Cellino’s modus operandi.


As protests go, the ones mentioned, organised by fan pressure group Time To Go Massimo (TTGM) are classics. Individualised, different and fresh they fulfil that one main criterion: catch the public zeitgeist and stay there.

With every home game at Elland Road comes the expectation that another protest ‘stunt’ will be revealed that will keep the media pressure ramped up on Massimo Cellino. I use the term ‘stunt’ not in a derogatory way; I mean not to demean the group, their efforts or their cause, but in a way to catch the almost pop-up nature of what they do.

With the last home game of the season little over a week away, a tie at Elland Road against already-relegated Charlton, you can bet that something is already a-plot for that game. You’d expect this to be the case with a movement born out of frustration and a definite sense of anger at the way that they view Massimo Cellino to be tearing Leeds United asunder.

However, not all Leeds fans are of the ‘Cellino-Out’ persuasion, that would be too easy up at Elland Road, far too simple for anything involving Leeds United. Far too simple indeed. There’s three factions involved: TTGM, pro-Cellino supporters (the Celliebers) and those who are just Leeds United fans – well four if you count the apathetic.

After giving TTGM sufficient time to answer, one of these fans took the opportunity to inbox The72 with some questions that he’d forwarded to the group after they’d asked for fans to send them any queries on their official Twitter feed.

Here are the questions put forward to the Time To Go, Massimo group by the fan in question.

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  1. Give this lad a pat on the back, it’s about time somebody asked some sensible questions of the TTGM group. Theyre an embarrassment to Leeds United and are doing far more damage to our club than Cellino ever could. Time to go TTGM group, you’re a disgrace. Oh and don’t expect any sensible answers anytime soon. Common sense and respectability are 2 traits this group just do not possess.

  2. Well said that man, if Cellino goes then who else would want our club and more to the point,who would want the pressure of trying to please our fanbase.. We should focus on supporting the club and giving Cellino a chance to prove he wants promotion next season. Some of our fans have no patience and no common sense. some great questions asked here but i wouldn’t hold my breath for a reply. great article.

  3. There is still too much we don’t know!!
    Looking at the team we are way off the pace, and changing managers and keeping more or less the same squad is pointless.
    I would not care about any of Massimo’s faults if he invested in the team and got us promoted!!
    The best protest made by a large percentage of fans is to stay away, until things improve. This works best because it hits Massimo’s pocket!!
    Protests are good for a bit of publicity, but – “sticks and stones …”
    The Chairman’s gesture on season ticket prices, if put in writing, is fantastic. IF there is some plan behind it.
    Looking at the players wages list published recently, it is easy to see why we could not land any top players!!!!
    No fiddling and penny pinching if we want the big prize!!

  4. That ‘players wages list’ that appeared in the Star was taken from Football Manager but I 100% agree with you on the season ticket price thing.

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