A dominant midfield engine room can give teams that drive that rips the opposition apart or tears them asunder, steamrollering their side to dominance and victory.

The Championship is often overlooked for the quality of its midfield players, with 20+-goal strikers grabbing the plaudits and awards. There is the ‘Golden Boot’ for these strikers but there is no ‘Golden Needle’ for the midfielder with the most threaded passes, nor is there any other ‘golden’ award.

Which got me thinking, just who is the best passing midfielder in the Championship. It’s always difficult doing these as you can never satisfy every fan with your chosen selection criteria.

So, this is what I decided to base my choices on: midfielders playing more than 35 games so far this season and passes per 90 minutes (so what you’d expect of them over a typical 90 minute game time).

First up is a player who earned his Spurs amongst the Wolves.

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