MOMENT OF THE WEEKEND: Luke Hyam’s leg breaker

I’m going to rant here and I believe rightfully so because it hasn’t been discussed in a proper manner on television this weekend and it’s an issue that needs to be brought up.

In the first few minutes of the game between Ipswich Town and Brentford, Luke Hyam slid in on Alan Judge. He won the ball but in the process, broke the Irishman’s leg in two places, ending his season and his hopes of making his nation’s Euro 2016 squad in one fell swoop.

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Claiming it isn’t even a yellow is nonsense. The reason these tackles are getting punished with red cards is because they can cause serious injuries like Judge has suffered and even if he wins the ball, it’s a moot point when the force used breaks a player’s leg, “he won the ball” in this situation no longer matters.

Judge now misses what could have been a huge summer for him, as this will also hinder his hoped move to the Premier League and he may not be on the pitch again until the winter. Hyam will have a one-match ban because he picked up a second yellow. There’s no justice in football and unfortunately it’s incidents like this that prove that these kind of challenges need to be severely punished.

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