The Addicks took on the Hoops on Saturday, and were unable to take a vital three points.

Charlton Athletic traveled to Loftus Road on Saturday to take on the Queens’ Park Rangers and needed all three points for there to be any miracle chance of maintaining Championship status next season. The game ended in a 2-1 defeat.

The Addicks are now 11 points from safety, with only five games remaining.

On Saturday, Bolton Wanderers were guaranteed relegation by Derby, after a 4-1 defeat at the iPro stadium, Charlton fans know it is only a matter of time, until joining them officially as mathematically relegated.

Now with the large majority of Addicks’ fans accepting relegation next season back to League 1, we take to Twitter to see their comments.

Today Talia Buttigieg woke up and had a sense of realisation, that Charlton Athletic are most likely heading back to the Sky Bet League 1.

Billy Hendricks told other fans that there is no way that any fans can like the owner and board, after the performance this season.

Peter Varley continues to criticise the management of Charlton, as fans find out that the CEO is on holiday in Dubai and the Owner in Belgium, after criticising the fans the other week of wanting the club to fail.

Louis Mendez fears the worst, and makes a joke that if the CEO takes a holiday now, she will have no annual leave left, meaning she will be in charge of transfers, which fans are really hoping is not true.

The official Charlton Life forum twitter account, hits back at the CEO at pure shock regarding the state of the club.

Some even wish that on her journey to Dubai, she will fly over the Bermuda Triangle and just disappear.

Jason Fey continues to mock the lack of football literacy and understanding within the management team at Charlton.

Even I chipped in with my piece on the saddening situation as an Addicks fan.

Some fans have even started planning for Charlton to try and cease an instant return back to the Championship after next season.

This fan calls on Charlton CARD (Coalition Against Roland Duchatelet) to ramp up the protests after the news of the CEO’s holiday and the doomed relegation.

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Charlton Athletic fan who is still proud and loves the achievements under Jimmy Seed, Alan Curbishley and Chris Powell. I am still waiting for the day when we return to the top flight of English Football! I am staunchly against the Roland Duchatelet ownership and support CARD in his removal. I am also a qualified referee with the London FA. Twitter: @ValleyFloydFred

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  1. Shockin comments by them exenophobes above. Before ourn went dahn under Varney n Murray, did yourn put on ere where n when theirn went on olidays, Oh I forgot it don’t count cos there English. I aint bein bullied by the bike sheds fighter either n thass wot free speech is abahrt, the right to ave a different view withahrt being threatened or initimidated which is wot them ones above are always doin to the CEO n all. I support the board, club n players n will carry on doin so next season n all juss as I did when ourn went dahn under Varney n Murray. Still in them days we didn’t ave all the ard right atred we keep gettin on ere nahadays, I wonder why.

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