After David Haigh’s near two-year incarceration at the hands of the Dubai courts, acting on complaints from his former employers GFH Capital, there was always going to be some fallout.

Yesterday, Haigh spoke to the Yorkshire Evening Post where he presented allegations of assault and torture whilst in detention at the Bur Dubai police holding complex.

However, things have taken on a tasty side-spin with the re-release by Simon O’Rourke of an historical memo and e-mail exchange between David Haigh and GFH’s Hisham Alrayes that throws some light over not only the conflict of opinion between the two, but also onto the situation concerning Brian McDermott and a whole host of other things such as initiatives to sell the silverware in the shape of certain players.

The following are all taken from the Twitter timeline of Simon O’Rourke (@simon_orourke) who runs a website/blog called

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