Many Posh fans were left disappointed last night after a 200-mile trip to Fleetwood ended in a 2-0 defeat.

Peterborough put in one of the worst performances I’ve ever seen, and many fans took to Twitter to show their anger.

Some Posh fans tweeted chairman Darragh MacAnthony to ask for refunds.

Attacks were launched on the players, who seemed to have no fight in last night’s game.

The players weren’t the only ones to blame. Certain fans were directing their abuse at boss Graham Westley.

One fan was even glad he was at an Adele concert rather than watching the Posh…

I was at the game last night, and I can honestly say it’s the poorest Peterborough United performance I’ve ever seen. I do question Westley’s team selection. Picking Kgosi Nthle, a player who has said he doesn’t want to be at the club, seemed a strange selection. Leaving Chris Forrester out, who is in my opinion our best player, ultimately cost us. The players on the pitch didn’t seem to want it. There was no fight, no endeavour, nothing. At the end of the game, I saw a fan call Graham Westley over to the away end so I went down to see what he had to say. He told Westley that he would die for the badge, but he didn’t see one player on that pitch who would. Westley agreed, but there was no apology, what’s he going to do about it?

The fact that the players don’t care was further emphasised by the fact that out of the whole squad, only three players applauded the away fans, many of whom had travelled hundreds of miles to watch an abysmal display by their beloved Posh. That’s not good enough. The players should recognise the commitment of the fans, who gave up a whole day, and potentially £100 to travel to Fleetwood to watch a bunch of players who have given up on the club.

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