The adage goes something along the lines of ‘a fair day’s wages for a fair day’s work’, hinting at some sense of fairness and equality.

In news emerging yesterday via Twitter user Simon Austin (@sport_simon) (see Tweet – below) that isn’t seemingly the case at Leeds United.

Austin, whose Twitter bio describe him as “Freelance journalist published in the New York Times, The Sun, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail. Former BBC,” is obviously a man with credentials so to put forth such a declaration (above) into such a public sphere as is Twitter is hardly an act of recklessness.

Paul Hart, once a former head of the Leeds United Academy based at Thorp Arch, Wetherby, returned to his old job in mid-December 2015 and is charged with overseeing an Academy set-up that has produced the likes of current first-team stars Lewis Cook, Charlie Taylor and Alex Mowatt.

The Leeds United Academy also has players such as Malik Wilks, Frank Mulhern, Eoghan Stokes and many others striving to be the next star to emerge from the ranks and sparkle in the first team. As such, the role that coaches like Hart contribute towards clubs like Leeds United is priceless; yet Austin says that the Whites have placed a price of £20,000 p/a on his [Hart’s] services.

Understandably, with the public volatility that is Twitter, there has been some reaction from those reading news of Paul Hart’s ‘alleged’ pay package at Elland Road.

Hart on £20,000 per annum – Twitter reacts

The news coming through was simply to unbelievable to be believed by some – well most really.

The news didn’t surprise every Leeds fan though.

This Leeds fan can’t believe that his and Hart’s wage are almost equal.

This Leeds fan is incredulous in his disbelief at the situation, but still sees ways the club could save money.

Short, simple but cutting is this Tweet on the topic.

However, it seems that there may be another strand to the tale, with talk of Hart looking to move on from Elland Road.

Esteemed journalist and Radio Leeds presenter Adam Pope presents a different insight.

And that insight from Popey is backed up this Tweet from Radio Yorkshire.

If it proves to be the case that Leeds United were paying Paul Hart £20,000 a year to run their famed Academy at Thorp Arch, and I use the phrase ‘proves to be the case’ as it is mere supposition at the moment, then you can understand the degree of indignation from some on the matter.

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  1. ropey wyla on

    Have to say no one at Leeds has done anything, this season or any in recent memory, to justify earning £20,000 a year when you consider the amount of actual work it would take for a member of the rat race to earn a similar sum.
    If I were to fail as badly in my work as Leeds do in theirs, I would be penniless and most probably homeless, thankfully for me I have some backbone, can the same be said for Leeds?

  2. paul hart is an ambasador for Leeds he as contributed more to this club in bringing uot multi-million pound players from the acadamy for years is this how that tight get repays his most loyal back staff???

  3. I would give this man hart @ least £100,000 per annum @ least £48,000 for the lower tax bracket. Give the man something to get out of bed for…. Cellino is making a mock out of the club & the loyal players + staff that actualy give a shit for our future.. & thats just what this coach is our future. i for 1 will be gutted to see paul go. But a man can not be made to look like an idiot for much longer… give him dignity & purpose..
    Cellino you Twat

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