The Metropolitan Police has warned Charlton fans about their conduct, reports the London Evening Standard. 

The warning comes after recent demonstrations about the clubs ownership.

Roland Duchatelet has been heavily criticised by Charlton fans for his ownership, with supporters hosting a mock funeral procession before the clubs game against Middlesbrough earlier this month.

They also caused disruption by throwing beach balls onto the pitch and blowing whistles from the crowd.

A statement from the Met was released on the Charlton website, reading:

“A reminder that the following is illegal and will be investigated: entering the field of play or adjacent areas; the throwing of any objects in the ground; racist or homophobic chanting; carrying or using pyrotechnics inside or outside the ground.”

However, the Coalition Against Roland Duchatelet have hit back at the statement, insisting that they will protest against Duchatelet at the next home game against Birmingham.

A spokesperson for CARD said: “CARD has been scrupulous about the nature of the protests it has organised, including liaising amicably and constructively with the police, and it is a huge mistake on the part of the regime to address the majority of Charlton supporters as if they are criminals.”

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  1. It aint juss racist n omophobic chantin which in isself is bad enough but iss also exenophobia n the ones wot shout ahrt ate abuse should get jail. Iss abahrt time our gaff n the police took action n they always get my full support on ere n elsewhere. When it comes dahn to it a group wot acts on behalf of all them protesters muss take responsibility for criminal acts n all like invadin the pitch, abusive chants, throwin objects onto our gaff, lightin flares n fires n the one who tried to kill an animal. We don’t need them types n their ard right ilk at Charlton.

  2. Charlton fans should suggest to the Met that beach balls are not dangerous missiles and a pitch invasion by two people does not warrant public rebuke or even justify mentioning. Fans who let their emotion and behaviour against this clubs ruinous ownership overstep the mark amount to small numbers, compared to the protesting thousands who hate the way our club is being run into debt and destroyed by the current owners.

    Illegal actions are not and never have been sanctioned by CARD the supporters action group, they have always stated the opposite and advised against it, as they realise such actions are also very unhelpful.

    If A2C ever bothers to read CARD statements they will know this is a fact! Also I consider myself a socialist as well as a CAFC supporter and like others I am just bemused by their continuous their idiotic ard right comments.

    We are Charlton and are and have been one of the best anti-racist clubs in the country with a strong stamp racism out of football campaigns which we have had for decades. These owners are deplorable no matter where they come from and I hope they leave soon so that we can return to being a freindly family club again. A2C=D1M

  3. Wot yourn are doin is exenophobic chantin Belgians ahrt n other personal abuse against the CEO. Yourn cant control your own protesters who throw missiles onto our gaff, flares ahrtside the Bartram statue n bully n arrass anyone like staff n other fans who aint of your ilk n the fans who wouldn’t walk ahrt of our gaff cos they wanted to support the team against Boro. Thass why aggressive protesters like yourn should get bannin orders n the club should add exenophobia to the list n all cos wot yourn are chantin is offensive.

  4. Also bullyin n arrassin the owners ow anyone who owns a club iss against the law n all. The owners ave invested in the trainin grahnd, the pitch n are playin the young n upcoming players all them things the previous owners didn’t do. When ourn went dahn under Varney n Murray yourn weren’t ahrtside our gaff chantin English ahrt so I rest my case. Wallmart went dahn lass season n their fans aint chantin Yanks ahrt. When it comes to abuse against our black players I challenge week in week ahrt, yourn do nothin except undermine the owners who are tryin to turn things rahnd by postin bile, vitriol n malice.

  5. You don’t know me you illiterate little twit the last match I went to was the Ipswich loss and I held my 2% protest peacefully along with most other supporters. I have never chanted Belgiums out you F******g offensive idiot. You know nothing including how to write, so go do one.

  6. Sorry I apologise I should say phoney illiterate twit. I have nothing against anyone who is genuinely illiterate. I suspect your illiteracy is as phoney as you are mate. A2C=D1M

  7. Ere are you can see juss wot them protesters are abahrt, full of abuse n offensive swearin juss like the one above who sums them n their ilk all up on ere. Thass wot there doin dahn our gaff so the sooner the police n club get the ahrt n their ilk the better. If this one was behavin to me like wot it does on ere n I I was watchin a match n supportin the team, I’d get onto the police cos we don’t want nasty personal abuse dahn our gaff, thass juss wot theirn are showerin the CEO with. There vile nasty people who post abuse n bully n insult anyone who aint of their ilk but I will always stand up to them ome n away. Talkin of controlin is emotions, this one aint capable.

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