Charlton Athletic supporters have confirmed that they will continue to protest against Owner Roland Duchatelet’s running of the club according to News Shopper.

Long suffering supporters of The Addicks have become disgruntled with the Belgian’s overall management of the club and have staged a series of protests against their club’s Owner.

The South East Londoners look almost certain to be playing League 1 football again next season following a horrendous Championship season which has seen the club fall six points adrift of safety with just eight matches left to play.

The Coalition Against Roland Duchatelet (CARD) group has been formed to unite supporters against their Owner in an attempt to force the Belgian to sell the club and the group have supported a number of protest initiatives. Recent protests have seen supporters march carrying a coffin to signal the death of their club, anti-Duchatelet chanting at matches, mass walkouts and throwing dozens of beach balls onto the pitch.

In the group’s latest protest stunt, supporters picketed the club’s training ground on Thursday and parked AdVan’s outside the club’s training facility displaying anti-Duchatelet posters in a bid to warn off sponsors and local businesses from dealing with the club.

CARD have confirmed that the latest protest went well with a number of investors deterred by the group’s actions and have advised that more protests are planned to take place in the coming weeks.

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  1. Shockin wot them exenophobe fascist protesters are doin. there the ones destroyin the club n there preventin the owners from turnin things rahnd.

  2. A2C there is no one preventing the owners turning around the club than themselves. They have listened to no one. We are where we are because of their idiotic decisions that this year have been unbelievably worse than the year before. No one chose 6 managers in two years but the. No one signed extremely unsuitable players but them.

    The blame only belongs to them.


    They are getting what preciselty what they have sown.

  3. william bloke on

    In his usual emotional rant A2C calls genuine Addicks fans fascists. He should choose his words more carefully. If anything could be called fascist its the way the club is run now. Everything is controlled Mussolini style by an emperor and his handmaiden who do not bother to conceal their contempt for the fans and for English football culture. They’re not even any good at it. We are rock bottom and fast heading for pariah status. And kindly drop the patronising Chas and Dave mockney act. Its fake.

  4. Yourn are exenophobes chantin atred vile drivel like belgians ahrt n tryin to undermine our gaff n all the owners are doin to take the club forward n thass all there is to it. Thass wot fascists n the ard right do, bully arrass n intimidate.The board are doin a good job n ave only been in charge 2 years, savin ourn from admin, playin more young players than ever before n investin in the pitch n trainin grahnd. All them things Murray n Varney when in charge didn’t do n Slater n Jiminez never ad meetins with fans like the owners puttin them meetins online for all to see. Still yourn moan n whinge week in week ahrt, nah wonder the players are strugglin. Yourn never chanted English ahrt when ourn went dahn under Varney n Murray. Katrien is the Queen of football clubs, the Queen of CAFC n always will be. There aint nothin fake abahrt me, a fan since the 70s n the days of Graham Tutt.

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