After yesterday’s game against Bristol Rovers, which Cambridge lost 3-0, manager Shaun Derry was involved in an expletive-laden exchange with a small group of Bristol Rovers fans (see Tweet – below).

On exiting the ground and making his way towards the team Cambridge team coach, it appears that words were passed that led to Derry’s outburst directed at one fan in particular, the bearded one standing on the kerbstone.

After losing to Rovers 3-0, Derry seemingly squares up to the three fans before telling the one stood on the kerb to “f*** off and go home”, before walking briskly away saying, “go home you f***ing bag of s**t.”

The poster of the video, Twitter user Marianne Fell  (@Mazza8968) says in another Tweet that the contretemps seemingly came from nothing and hints that it was driven by an over-reaction from Derry himself. In the Tweet in question, Marianne states that, “all I heard was them say alright Shaun he went to get in the coach then stormed off to them.”

However, it appears that there may well be two sides to this particular incident with developments in a conversation thread springing from the original video post . Twitter user Paul Keogh (@PekayRocks) hints at this saying, “they said a little more than that!!” Marianne replies to this stating that she can only report what she heard which causes Paul to fire back with, “so there was no “unlucky you mug ” as reported elsewhere?”

Predictably, the incident has caused a little bit of a stir on social media with Twitter being the best barometer of social reaction to Shaun’s Derry-in Do.

Derry indicates how Bristol Rovers fans should return to his dwelling place and Twitter reacts accordingly.

To be fair, the overall response on Twitter focused on the more ‘laddish’ element of the swearing rather than any condemnation of Derry by pitchfork carrying/burning torch waving members of the general public.

Yes, there are some who genuinely want to know just what sparked of the incident.

Others, like this Twitter user, are simply enjoying seeing Derry get a little hot under the collar.

This fan thinks that, far from being condenmed, Shaun Derry should be both congratulated and rewarded for his outburst.

This member of the Twitterati seems to have found something else that will make him smile.

This commenter on Twitter hints at the fact that there might be more to this than meets the eye.

And Twitter user Leigh Curtis might have some backing in that view from this comment.

The one totally dissenting voice comes seemingly from the man being verbally abused.

Although he does have backing from this guy.

As of writing, there has still been no official comment from Cambridge United.

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