The result is in the record books, January 16 2016, Sheffield Wednesday beat Leeds 2-0 at Hillsborough wih both goals coming from Leeds mistakes early in the second half.

Leeds had hurried and harried well in the opening 45 minutes and were a much better outfit that had surrendered meekly under an Ipswich onslaught after Souleymane Doukara had given the Whites an 11-second lead. But ‘if ifs and and were pots and pans then there’d be no jobs for tinkers’ as the saying goes.

However, one incident (below) caused Steve Evans to have more than a fit of apoplexy, the referee being the recepticle for Evans’ venom.


The disallowed goal – bane of Steve Evans

The ‘goal’, a header by Liam Cooper from a Leeds United free kick came at a time when Leeds were coming back into the game more. Initially given, after much protestation from Sheffield Wednesday, the referee Anthony Taylor reversed his decision and struck off the goal.

Disallowed goal? Steve Evans was not happy.

“The, the free kick is given. The referee signals he’s going to allow a substitution. Forestereni [sic]got his deckchair out and took four days to come off. The referee, in my opinion, over-ruled that then and said we’re going to restart play. He clearly whistled to restart play which he’s…I’ve just been to see him, he accepts. He shouts to my players “Play, restart.” We score. Erm, he gives the goal. I go for a ‘little leak’, a wee break, and I come back and he’s chopped it off. Obviously there’s nothing you can do about it at the time, you just need to understand it. I’ve been in to see Anthony [Taylor – the referee], he says in law, in law he’s got it right because it should be disallowed.”

In addition to the above, Steve Evans was less than complimentary as to what game the Premier League referee should take charge of next time out.

“I’ve seen many a substitution being made where the referee stops it for a subsitution. It’s almost taken far too long and he restarts play. I’ve never seen anyone go back to restart play, ever. But there we go. He’s a Premier League referee who’s stepped down to take case of the big derby today. He should be in the Under-9s on the park pitches on Monday, next refereeing game performance because you cannot make a mistake of that magnitude in a game that means so much to both sets of supporters.”

Image credit: courtesy of Heidi Haigh ‘Follow Me and Leeds United’ – Sheffield Wednesday 16th January 2016

Quotes from TV Yorkshire ‘Steve Evans reacts to Sheffield Wednesday 2-0 Leeds United

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  1. The “goal” was not a header by Liam Cooper, he bundled it in with his arm (hand ball, in other words). In this case the referee made 2 mistakes, first to allow the free kick to be taken, second to miss the handball. Disallowing the “goal” was certainly not one of them. As for Evans, he has never seen what he claims to have seen, as it cannot happen.

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