Is it ‘about time’ or is it a ‘step too far’ with what measures are being put into place regarding the behaviour of Leeds United fans and their behaviour on trains?

According to an article by Rob Parsons in the Yorkshire Evening Post (YEP), fans could very well be taking one of the stances above with news that Leeds United fans and their standards of behaviour will come under scrutiny by the British Transport Police (BTP).

The article by Rob Parsons says that the BTP and Leeds United’s own stewarding team have combined forces to deal with what they call the “small minority” of supporters whose behaviour on the trains and at stations to and from Leeds United matches brings a bad name to the rest of the Leeds United family.

Inspector Pete Kooper of the British Transport Police says in the YEP article that, “The vast majority of travelling fans are a credit to their club and cause no issues. Sadly, however, a small minority of supporters do engage in anti social behaviour.” With both sides wanting to stamp out the ‘small minority’ of Leeds fans who do engage in instances of ‘anti social behaviour’, a series of consequences has been drawn up.

The new arrangement and subsequent agreement wil mean that any fan/s “reported, arressted, fined or convicted” whilst travelling to/from a Leeds United game will face punishments coming from the club itself. Penalties for any involvement in anti social activities could range from any fans involved having their club account suspended or season ticket withdrawn by the club. Other penalties available at the club’s discretion include match bans all the way to lifetime bans, depending on the severity of the offences involved.

With the agreement in its infancy, Leeds United stewards and BTP officers will be working alongside each other at Leeds City Station ahead of Saturday afternoon’s Yorkshire Derby game between Leeds and local rivals Sheffield Wednesday where they will “meet and greet supporters.”

So, is this the ‘right step to take’ between the club and the Transport Police or is it a ‘step too far’ when looking at how to tackle the raucous and anti social behaviour of a select minority?

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