A potential takeover of Bolton Wanderers could be about to fail because of a disagreement over new claims from HMRC, according to a report.

There has been speculation surrounding the future of several Bolton players already this month as the club look to cut the wage bill and get big earners out of the door.  Bolton are currently £189 million in debt and are facing a winding up order of £2.2 million.

Last month the club were put under transfer embargo due to being unable to submit a Financial Fair Play return for the 2014-15 season.

Now things look even worse for the club, with the news that a potential takeover could be about to go down the drain.  It is believed that a group are in talks with current owner Eddie Davies but things have hit a stumbling block.

The group are understood to be asking the current owners to be responsible for paying any future claims from HMRC whereas Davies will not agree to any deal where he has to pay for any new claims.  This has put the possible sale of the club under threat.

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  1. Eddie Davies as tarnished his high regard to us Wanderers, He is a contradicting twat, He only wants the takeover if new owners have the club at heart, yeah piss off Eddie, take a look in the mirror.

  2. Anonymous on

    Eddie has given 200 million pounds to the club, deserves some respect

  3. No respect from me, He as made his money back from the club through interest paid to him and now he is fucking the club over, He says he wants the new owner to have the clubs best interests at heart and he is doing exactly the opposite of what he wants.

  4. He hasn’t made his money back in interest at all. He is writing off the money the club owe to him. His personal wealth will have diminished by nearly £185million. His is gifting the football club that money. There’ll never be a buyer willing to take on such a massive debt so if he didn’t do this and stayed on the 60million he has left would soon run out and there would be no club left.

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