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On the back of our original piece on 5 factors affecting Home Attendance, we published the Championship Away Team Followings with growth/decline data, and the data over the past 5 years. In this update (4-5 weeks on), we’ve filled in all the blanks and the verified all the missing data with the official numbers from the clubs. I’ve also updated the games shown on Sky Sports up to the end of January (highlighted in Green).

Interestingly, Leeds United, Leicester City and Nottingham Forest are all going to have 3 home games televised so far this season. However, Leeds have the benefit of a total of 4 away-games televised this season, with 2 in the coming months. Leicester have a total of 3 included 2 upcoming.


So who hasn’t clocked up any air-time yet?

Teams who have had no home-coverage yet in the league this season are: Blackburn (13th), Brighton (9th), Huddersfield (12th), Ipswich (11th) and Wigan (14th). So, why is it that all mid-table clubs are lacking coverage, whilst those bringing up the rear are getting their faces on the big screen?

It’s certainly not attendance, with their average home figures ranging from 10th (16906 fans) down to 18th (13684 fans). Even Yeovil have a home game aired with a meager average of 7411 fans.

Looking at away-games, there’s a few that haven’t been featured, but the appalling fact for #ITFC fans is that Ipswich have neither a home or away game on TV this season. They’re in a respectable place in the league, and topping up the top10 of averages attendance. So what’s the reason? Answers in a tweet to @FBL72 please


What’s changed since the last update?

Well, a few key things! Leeds now have a bigger gate figure than Brighton, who were previously winning. A clear switch-of-places. Other than that, take a look for yourselves!


Onto the final table!


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