Let me first start off by saying, this is in no way a call to sell Jordan Rhodes this coming January transfer window. It is more a reasoned argument that if he was to leave, there’s reason to believe that it wouldn’t be the worst decision we’ve seen, nor would it derail Blackburn’s inconsistent play-off push. 

With the recent publishing of Blackburn’s 36.5 million losses, which was examined a month ago here, if an offer of six million plus came in for the Scottish hot-shot, then it may well be a viable option to cash in on the 23 year old.

Why? Would it be so prudent to suggest he can actually hinder a team’s attack, especially when he’s upfront on his own?

Crystal Palace have been linked with the forward since Tony Pulis’s arrival at Selhurst Park, and with the London club struggling for goals it isn’t out of the question that they may make a move for him considering his goal-scoring record. Should they do so it should take a big offer for Venky’s to accept.

The Indian poultry group recently told Blackburn manager Gary Bowyer that they wouldn’t have to sell Rhodes, but I remember when they told us Phil Jones wasn’t for sale at any price, he left months later. I also remember Chris Samba’s sale, and also that famous notion of Champions League football being promised. In fact there’s a few of us who might recollect being told we had a war-chest of twenty million pounds three summers ago. That was fun wasn’t it? Drifting off topic here, but the general theme is that the Venky’s have a proven record of deception and their words should be taken with caution. Especially given their lack of communication with the supporters, which was highlighted commendably by the local paper Lancashire Telegraph.

Zimbio - Samba and Jones celebrate

Zimbio – Samba and Jones celebrate

Back to the man in question and despite scoring last night, he has only managed 2 in 8, with this comes a question amongst Rovers fans, have the rest of the Championship worked out how to play against him?

Blackburn play him on his own up front which isn’t his best role, it’s not necessarily poor management on Gary Boywer’s part as he normally plays a second more creative attacking midfielder just behind him in David Dunn or Tom Cairney. However with Rhodes alone upfront he is often found isolated and when he gets a goal, it normally is the first action he’s had all game. The quality of the man is that his finishing is second to none and given a chance, nine times out of ten he’ll find the net. But with the way Blackburn set-up, would they benefit with someone who can play that role better?

One player who could have, perhaps, is Leon Best. He has, however, failed to impress since scoring an excellent goal in the opening day draw with Derby. He also has also had several spats with the fans, especially on social media. He recently boasted that he was one of the highest paid at Rovers. Such an intelligent individual, he knows how to endure himself to the fans.

The other two strikers at Bowyer’s disposal are DJ Campbell and Ruben Rochina. Both players were injured at the start of the season and combined with a Campbell sending off a month ago, they have only just recently returned to action in the past week. Although Rochina would be used in the second striker role, DJ Campbell poses an interesting dilemma. His tenacity and strength could prove to be a better option than Rhodes. Another possibility is recent signing Rudy Gestede which could see Rovers use two up-front. Only on three occasions this year have Blackburn used two strikers from the start. A lack of goals has been a problem these last two months and the 6’ 4 striker could be the perfect foil, only time will tell.

Sky Sports - DJ Campbell

Sky Sports – DJ Campbell

Jordan Rhodes scored 26 league goals last year, without a doubt his contribution was the main cause in helping Gary Bowyer keep Blackburn up. That will never be ignored at Ewood Park, it will be fondly remembered and Blackburn fans are thankful. He has plenty to improve on his game but he will score goals should he make the step-up, and should he do so Blackburn fans will wish him luck. But it doesn’t mean an end to a promotion push for Rovers, the optimistic of us might consider it a blessing in disguise, DJ Campbell and co will certainly think so.

Should Blackburn sell Jordan Rhodes or is he too important?

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