According to German newspaper Der Westen, Peniel Mlapa could be heading to Birmingham after all, as a €700,000 bid has been made for the giant striker.

However, VFL Bochum have supposedly made an offer for the Togo-born German forward, who has the choice of staying in Germany or taking a risk in England.

Mlapa had previously been on trial at St. Andrews, however it is only now that Blues have made a bid for the striker.

His record is, worryingly, quite poor, but there is clearly some potential there, as his record for the national team is decent at a lower level, and Rowett has previously spoke of his potential.

Mlapa could be seen as something of a gamble, but the Blues are in the market for another forward. It is the fee which might come as a surprise – financial troubles have left the club scrapping for money for a few years, but a bid has reportedly been launched today.

It seems now to be up to Mlapa which club he’d like to join.

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  1. According to his club the bid was made 2 weeks ago by Birmingham.

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