On the morning of what is to be Leeds United’s biggest preseason ask, head coach Uwe Rösler has said that tonight’s game with Eintracht Frankfurt is of extreme importance. It is important in that the undoubted step up in class will test not only Leeds United’s fledgling way of play, as they attempt to install a new mentality with the ball, but important that it will test all the players. It is this ‘test of the players’ that Rösler is looking forward to in what he thinks will be a game that will provide answers.

Speaking to Leeds United’s official website, Rösler says of the game,

“Playing a top opposition, I expect that we raise our level like we did from Harrogate to York. Now, we raise it from York to Frankfurt. We’ll be put through very difficult conditions – it will be hot and we will have to run a lot. We will have to be working as a team against the ball and with the ball. We have to show a willingness to attack, even against top opposition. I think, in terms of fitness and morale and organisation, we will get some good answers tonight.” Uwe Rösler – Leeds United club website July 21, 2015

The step up in terms of the level of opposition has been reflected on the training pitch with The Whites having to develop a wholly different philosophy from that they practised against Harrogate Town and York City. Speaking of this, Rösler says,

“I’m looking forward to the game. It will be a big test and you’ll see afterwards where we are. We’ve been working on more football specific fitness, around roles and responsibilities for certain positions. We’ve been working on team shape and more speed orientated exercises.” Uwe Rösler – Leeds United club website July 21, 2015

The final word regarding the shift in emphasis goes out to Uwe Rösler who indicates that he is looking beyond the upcoming games, to a certain degree, but without losing sight of just how important they are in his overall planning. Leeds United’s head coach mentions that,

“Now is the time – three weeks before kick-off – where we have to go from a diesel engine to a Ferrari engine. We have to train on that, that’s what we’ve been focusing on. We’re not only preparing for the Burnley game, we’re preparing for 10 months.” Uwe Rösler – Leeds United club website July 21, 2015

These will be words of some comfort to Leeds United fans, comfort in that there seems to be an element of forward planning involved and a long-term picture.

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