Clubs tend to win more home games than away games, that’s the general consensus of opinion anyway. Phrases such as ‘make our ground a fortress’ and ‘a bear pit atmosphere’ are bandied around when clubs and associated fans talk about what they envision the type of atmosphere that is needed to ensure home success. Observers say there is something intangible about the boost provided by a vocal home crowd, something akin to the 12th man effect.

Yesterday, Sky Sports released an article listing all 92 English football grounds (Premier League to League Two) and how full they were compared to capacity. Now I know that you are looking at a ground that has opposition fans there too, but the vast majority of fans at you home ground would tend to be what you’d consider ‘home’ fans…you’d think. The following pages give you a flavour of how/where each league (Championship to League Two) fared in the ‘percentage full’ measure based on average crowds last season.

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