Sunderland have announced four new names to the club’s Board of Directors.

The club has today announced that Maurice Louis-Dreyfus, Juan Sartori, Simon Vumbaca and Steve Davison will join the Sunderland Board of Directors, with the quartet to ‘support’ Sunderland’s ‘existing executive team in carrying out the club’s long-term strategic objectives’.

Sartori is the standout name on that list – he was previously involved with the club and was linked alongside Kyril Louis-Dreyfus during the Frenchman’s takeover.

The news is somewhat out of the blue and it’s prompted a mixed reaction from Sunderland fans.

They’ve seen their club’s automatic promotion bid fall apart and now enter their final game of the season on the back of some poor form, having won just one of their last eight in League One.

Lee Johnson’s side host Northampton Town this weekend before beginning their play-off bout.

See what these Sunderland fans had to say on Twitter about today’s news of the new directors: