It was made in Scotland…from girrrrddddas



Here’s a fact about Irn Bru; Scotland is one of the only countries in the world where Coca Cola isn’t the number one fizzy drink. Here’s another fact about Irn Bru; only three people actually know its ‘secret’ recipe. Here’s a third fact about Irn Bru, it used to be called ‘Iron Brew’ but had to change its name as it isn’t actually brewed. That’s enough of that, I’m all fact out.

Here’s another, Irn Bru are the new, official soft-drink partners of The Football League. The three year deal involves all clubs across the Sky Bet Championship, League One and League Two; the deal will kick into gear during this season’s end-of-season Play-Offs. A spokesman for A.G. Barr, Adrian Troy, said that they are excited at the venture and are looking forward to being involved saying, “IRN-BRU has always been a big supporter of football but this landmark deal signals our biggest season yet.”

This is a canny move by a drinks manufacturer who are also involved in sponsorship of the Scottish Professional Football League; hopefully their involvement will put added fizz into the English game as well.

Fan power can be vital in forcing issues


It is safe to say that, and rightly so, Blackpool fans are NOT happy with chairman Karl Oyston and the way that he is running the club. The Tangerines posted £9.45m pre-tax profits in their latest accounts but fans are not happy with the way this is being invested and the direction this investment takes. With the team almost certain to be facing the prospect of League One football next season, fans are staging protests by watching local non-league side AFC Blackpool instead.

The fans are livid that, despite seemingly healthy profits, that Oyston has invested more (£23.7m) in developing the ground through “stands, units within the stands and hotel developments. ” [source Blackpool Gazette 09.03.15] than he has in building the team itself.

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As a result of actions like this, and in protest at the team’s current plight, fans are determined to stay away as swathes of seats have been left empty in recent games versus Charlton and Leeds. Stephen Smith, spokesperson for supporters’ group ‘Tangerine Knights’ said “I don’t expect attendances to go up any time soon, if I’m reflecting the views of most of the fans I’ve spoken to, until the Oystons have gone.” [source Sky Sports].

Oyston, meanwhile has other problems after he was charged with misconduct by the F.A. over allegations of abusive messages sent to a supporter on social media branding him a ‘retard’.

The Proclaimers walked ‘500 Miles’, but what about Matt Ritchie?

Matt Ritchie

Bournemouth find themselves in excellent form and are likely to be in and about it when it comes to promotion to the Premier League, maybe even as champions. As such their players are likely to receive plaudits and praise heaped on them by the bucketload. Take their 25-year old winger Matt Ritchie, now he’s a player who deserves praise. He’s scored 11 goals this season, laid on 13 goal assists, set up 76 shot assists for teammates and won five Man-of-the-Match awards.

Such a rich vein of form has earned him a call-up to Scotland’s for the friendly against Northern Ireland on March 25th and the Euro 2016 qualifier against Gibralter due to be played a mere four days later. However, as in the picture above, Ritchie will be the first to put his hand up and confess to one wee thing.

“I haven’t actually been to Scotland.”

It seems that his father moved from Edinburgh to Portsmouth before Ritchie was born. He received the call from Scotland manager Gordon Strachan and is pleased to be included as part of the Scotland squad for these two games.

It cannot be confirmed as to whether or not Ritchie replied to the call with “Hello, is it me you’re looking for?

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“Qu’ills mangent de la brioche”

When told that the starving peasants had no bread, a famous French princess is alleged to have uttered that phrase which translates to “Let them eat brioche”, or as it is translated into English, “Let them eat cake.”

Blackburn-Burnley-Blackburn-Cake-Burnley-Cake-Adam-Dickinson-564582The eating of cake is exactly what Blackburn fan Adam Dickinson intended to do as he looked longingly at his elaborately iced and decorated cake, festooned in the colours of his beloved Blackburn and decorated with the club crest. Mouth drooling like one of Pavlov’s dogs and with the knife poised…Adam pushed the knife through the icing and sponge creation.

With horror, he recoiled.

In an act of sabotage, the baker commissioned for the birthday piece de resistance had dyed the sponge interior of the cake in the amber and claret colours of Blackburn’s fiercest rivals and neighbours in Premier League Burnley.

Understandably Adam took to social media to express his outrage at Cake-gate. It cannot be confirmed at the moment whether he said “Crumbs!” to show his disappointment.

Artur Boruc – the new Irene Cara

First, there was nothing, but a slow glowing dream; then there was Artur Boruc. It seems that providing the last line of defence that has helped Bournemouth maintain a steady pace in the upper echelons of the Championship isn’t the only talent that the Pole possesses. There’s magic in his shoes I tell ye, the magic and grace of a born dancer. Don’t believe me, check out his moves in the video [below].


After being on the end of some ‘Trolling’, it seems that Boruc, a ambassador, has issued a riposte. It seems a ‘fan’ insisted that Boruc was ‘stiff’ and that there was only one goalkeeper in Poland that counts and that keeper was Jerzy Dudek and his ‘dance’ to put opposing penalty takers off.

It seems that shots have been fired with this video where Boruc is anything but stiff.