Derby County have been a club in turmoil this season. It was common knowledge that Mel Morris was wanting to rid himself of the club and sell it to new owners. That looked likely to be a consortium fronted by Bin Zayed International but dithering delays scuppered that – Derby pulling the plug.

However, hope could be on the horizon for the beleaguered Rams with news that a takeover could be just around the corner, a takeover that would see Erik Alonso installed as the Rams new owner.

Reports from earlier this week claimed that the Spaniard, once an advisor at Sheffield Wednesday, had reached an agreement with Mel Morris to assume control of the club – that is control pending full approval from the EFL.

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Alonso opens up on Derby transfer policy once he’s in charge

Gareth Copley/Getty Images Sport

In words from an interview with Sky Sports, Alonso opens up on a number of issues and one of those was the direction that the Rams transfer policy could take when his ownership is fully confirmed and ratified by the EFL.

Vowing to match spending to the club’s ambitions, he does not mention the specific spending power that his consortium brings with it. However, he does say that “we will spend the right money” and this will be dependent on what players are seen as needed by Wayne Rooney.

Commenting that Rooney would be consulted on all transfer matters, Alonso was at pains to stress that money will not simply be wasted willy-nilly. On this, Alonso told Sky Sports:

We will not throw the money. We will do things properly. If we need to spend £20m we will, if we need to spend £150m then we will. It depends. We have that sort of money. If the team needs that, we will do it.

Whilst it will be reassuring for Derby County fans that Alonso et al are not going to just throw their money about, it is equally reassuring that they have the money should it need to be called upon.