Swansea City are to boycott social media for 7 days.

A message from the club on Twitter states ‘as of 5pm today we will not post any content on our official social media channels for seven days’.

It come after a rise in online abuse aimed at sportsmen and women – particularity within British football.

Talks have been building up to a boycott with Gareth Bale having publicly stated his support for the cause, and now it’s the Welsh club who will lead the way.

It’s a bold decision – Swansea City not posting anything whatsoever on their social media channels for a week is unfeasible, but a point needs to be made.

Swansea City fans seem largely in favour of the decision. They’re all for the cause, but for some it seems like an inconvenience.

Perhaps others will follow in the footsteps of Swansea City and eventually broad changes made. But it could quickly backfire on Swansea City if they boycott socials for week, and for nothing.

See what these Swansea City fans had to say on Twitter…about their clubs decision to boycott Twitter and other social media platforms: