If a referee makes a mistake in the Premier League, it is instantly picked up on and spoke about. However, when something occurs in the Football League, it’s not talked about so much.

We want to know what YOUR thoughts are of this seasons refereeing in the leagues we desire, because I know there are many views to talk about! Be sure to leave a vote in the poll!

There is always that one referee who we may dislike from time to time, but this season, the majority of the referees have made several poor decisions which haven’t been spoke about. Any bizarre incidents at your club? Any decisions that have left you completely baffled? If so, leave a comment below. Obviously, we have to credit referees at times as it is an extremely difficult job to carry out and to get EVERY decision correct is tough, so don’t pick out any minor moments which have just seemed harsh in your eyes because they didn’t go your way! Here’s an incident I witnessed, first-hand:


Birmingham City vs Nottingham Forest

It’s 1-0 to Birmingham, with less than 10 minutes to go. Nottingham Forest were pushing for a goal, as you would 1-0 down away from home. Then it came, finally. An aerial ball was played over the top, and was slotted in by Britt Assombalonga. A substantial amount of added time was announced, 7 minutes. It was anyone’s game, at 1-1. The home team were piling on the pressure, and a shot on goal seemed to be bundled out for a corner to Birmingham. The referee signaled that it was a corner, despite the mass amount of handball appeals by the home fans and players that it was blocked off the line, by the hands of Assombalonga. A corner was signaled by the referee and linesman, for a second time. Then, the fourth official wanted to speak to the referee. After a short chat, the referee pointed to the penalty spot, and issued a red card for Britt Assombalonga. After seeing the replays, the red card was the correct decision. It’s just the fact that NEVER in my life have I ever seen the fourth official overrule the referee’s and linesman’s decisions. It is extremely controversial how this decision was made.

So, that’s my witness of a crazy moment about refereeing this season! Whats yours?

Some people think that officiating in this campaign has severely worsened, but we do have to remember that the majority of decisions are correct, and that it is an extremely difficult job!

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  1. Anthony Fradley on

    Rochdale vs Notts County earlier this season, we were 2-1 up when in the last minute the ball was knocked towards the six yard box where there was two Notts players offside, I'd assume they thought a Rochdale player knocked the ball which was controversial. As one of the Notts players went for the ball they completely took out our goalkeeper and it was a definite foul, referee ignored it and we lost two points because of it. I don't understand how it wasn't a foul and I wasn't pleased that it costs us two points, which given the table at the moment would be massive help for us.

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